Beautiful Homes for Sale or Lease-Purchase - Raleigh NC Triangle!

Lease-To-Own F.A.Q

Q: What condition are your properties in?

A: My homes for sale or lease-purchase are usually in immaculate condition, squeaky clean, move in ready, and loaded with special features!

Q: Where are your homes located?

A: In the Raleigh, NC Triangle area- Wake, and all surrounding Counties.

Q: How does your lease-purchase program work?

A: This is an important question, because whether it’s called a lease-purchase, rent-to-own or lease/option, everyone does it a little differently. My lease-purchase allows you to move in now and enjoy your beautiful new home while you’re getting ready to buy. You will have a residential lease agreement and a standard purchase contract.

Q: How long of a term will you allow?

A: Ideally, I’d like you to be able to purchase your new home within 12 months, but a longer term may be possible under certain circumstances.

Q: What if we don’t need 12 months and are ready to purchase sooner?

A: There’s no time restriction. You can purchase your new home as soon as you’re ready. In fact, we can usually arrange for a discount if you purchase sooner!

Q: How much are the monthly payments?

A: The monthly payment are calculated to be in line with the amount of your mortgage payment when you purchase the property.

Q: Is any portion of the monthly payment applied to the purchase?

A: Yes! I can apply $200 – $400 every month, depending on the price of the home.

Q: How much of a down payment is required to move in?

A: This amount is not set in stone because it depends on several factors, however you will need enough of a down payment to demonstrate that you have a reasonable “running start” toward the total down payment and closing costs you will need to purchase and that you are making a serious commitment to follow through and purchase the property.

Q: So what is the total down payment and closing costs I will need when it’s time to purchase?

A: This depends on the type of mortgage you are able to get. For an FHA loan you will need a 3.5% down payment plus closing costs of approximately $5,000.

Q: Do I need the total 3.5% down payment plus closing costs to move in?

A: No. But I want you to at least have a good running start toward that amount so you won’t have to scramble to come up with additional funds when you’re ready to purchase. If necessary we can arrange a down payment installment plan.

Q: What are the requirements to qualify for a lease-purchase?

A: The most important qualification is that we are all comfortable the steps you will need to take to qualify for a mortgage. My Mortgage Associate will be happy to carefully evaluate your credit/income scenario and provide you with specific steps you will need to take in order to improve your credit and qualify for mortgage financing.

Q: Is our purchase price guaranteed?

A: Yes. Your purchase price is guaranteed in your purchase contract.

Q: Are pets allowed:

A: Yes- your furry family members are welcome!

Q: How can we contact you for more information or to schedule a showing?

A: You are welcome to send me an email or call me anytime at 919-233-0232.

Q: What if we have some questions that aren’t listed here?

A: Feel free to email me or call 919-233-0232. Or you can leave a comment below!