Beautiful Homes for Sale or Lease-Purchase - Raleigh NC Triangle!

Do you have the 4 things it takes
to lease-purchase this beautiful home?

301 Cameronwood Drive – Fuquay-Varina

For Sale By Owner $205,000

Lease-Purchase for $1,300 Monthly plus $3,000 – $5,000 Credit

Buy Now and Save $10,000!

This home is under contract and no longer available. Please bookmark our site and check back again soon!

301 Cameronwood Drive – Under Contract!

Do you have the 4 things it takes to lease-purchase this beautiful home:

We are swamped with calls and emails from folks interested in a lease-purchase of this beautiful home, but have not yet found someone who meets these 4 simple requirements. Do you?

1. Credit Scores:

Your scores don’t have to be high enough to qualify for a mortgage right now, but need to be high enough that they can be improved sufficiently within 12 months to enable you to qualify. Our experienced Mortgage Loan Officer will assist you with a plan to improve your credit.

2. Sufficient Income:

You must have enough income to eventually qualify for a sufficient mortgage to purchase this home. The necessary income depends on the amount of debt you’re carrying (debt-to-income ratio) and the amount you have available for a down payment.

3. Down Payment:

An initial move-in down payment deposit is required to demonstrate:

1. That you have a reasonable “running start” toward the total estimated down payment and closing costs you will need to purchase.

2. That you are making a serious commitment to follow through and purchase the property.

4. Good Rental History:

Because you will be renting while getting ready to purchase, you must have a good history as a tenant, however if you are not currently renting, we will rely on the other components of your application to determine your eligibility.

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